W10 UAV Detection and Jamming Equipment

Item No.: 00098
Frequency range of detection receiver:70 MHz~6 GHz
Detection distance :500M-1.5KM( urban environment); 3-5KM(suburban open environment)
Interference distance: 800M-1.0KM (100 meters high)
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Description Specification Review
UAV Detection and Jamming Equipment RescueTech
I. Product introduction

         Based on smart spectrum technology (artificial intelligence in the radio field), it can passively perceive the characteristics of drone signals and identify and locate drones. It can also learn drone signals independently. It can identify suspected drones without relying on databases. Single station accurately locates the position of the drone and remote control in three dimensions, and make interference arrangements. It has unattended functions, integrated detection and defense equipment, compact and easy to use, it can simultaneously detect and interfere with all black flying drones (including most industrial-grade drones).

II. Product features
1. Detect and fight in one, simple and portable
Integration of detection and interference [National Invention Patent], small size, light weight, easy to install and use, see the following specific parameters for details.
2. Single station 3D positioning
A single detection device can locate the UAV 's direction, distance and altitude (3D), and can display the UAV 's latitude and longitude information and high information on the map; the positioning distance error is about 120 meters, and the UAV high information is currently located It is the only product in the world.
3. Full band detection
It is applicable to the detection of all drones in the range of 70MHz~6GHz, including WIFI, standard video transmission and most industrial-grade frequency hopping drones.
4. Vertical detection, vertical strike (detection and strike at any angle)
It can detect and strike UAV at any angle (including the negative pitch angle), with high strike efficiency, and will not affect UAV and other communications in other directions; it can also detect and strike targets directly above or directly below.
5. It does not rely on the database, and the spectrum intelligent autonomous learning
The system has spectrum artificial intelligence autonomous learning and analysis functions, does not rely on databases, and is especially suitable for various assembled UAV. In anti-terrorism security, terrorists generally do not use conventional frequency bands and conventional UAV to attack.
6. Install a legal drone identification chip [optional]
In large-scale activities or low-altitude airspace management, legal UAV can be equipped with identification chips, and the legal ownership and illegal UAV  can be clearly seen on the system.
7. It can be equipped with portable type, vehicle type and fixed type
8. It can be used as a radio monitoring receiver
It can detect radio signals on security occasions on site, find and locate suspicious abnormal signals, and is suitable for airport interference signal positioning.

III.Application occasion
1. Government: prisons, courts, military, -polices, etc.
2. Infrastructure: gas station, oil depot, gas station, airport, etc.
3. Public places and major events: courts, sports events, venues, etc.
4. Transportation: port & sea, yacht, etc.
5. Schools (such as examination rooms, libraries), theaters, churches, hospitals, etc.
6. VIP&Personal Privacy
7. Border security prevention and control.

IV. Matters needing attention:
1.Try to choose an open place with a good view as the detection point.
2.Obstacles between the interfering device and the target will affect detection and interference.
3.Poor electromagnetic environment will affect the distance between detection and interference.
Serial number Item name    Index function parameters               
Integrated detection and interference equipment (including antenna bracket, operating system)               
1      Detection and interference equipment  1.1 Frequency range of detection receiver:70 MHz~6 GHz 
1.2 Real-time bandwidth: 160MHz
1.3 Five interference frequency bands:
1.3.1 900-930 MHz( Industrial drone)  20W
1.3.2 1559-1610MHz(GPS interference)  10W
1.3.3 2400-2485MHz  25W
1.3.4 5725-5850MHz  25W
1.3.5 430-440 MHz  10W (optional)
1.4 Detection and interference distance
1.4.1 Detection distance :500M-1.5KM( urban environment); 3-5KM(suburban open environment)
1.4.2 Interference distance: 800M-1.0KM (100 meters high)
1.5 Antenna
1.5.1 Frequency range :380MHz-6GHz
1.5.2 Horizontal detection angle: 0°- 360°
1.5.3 Vertical detection angle :-30°-+90°
1.6 The whole machine (The equipment is an integrated detection and interference equipment)
1.6.1 Maximum power consumption: 230W
1.6.2 Working temperature: -20°~+60°
1.6.3 Storage temperature :-40°~+70°
1.6.4 Weight :12 KG
1.6.5 Size: diameter 400mm * height 500mm
2 Antenna bracket 2.1 Weight: 4.32KG
2.2 Size: Diameter 260mm*Closed height 923mm
3 Computer Laptop, mouse, adapter, network cable. (Can be connected to the central control HDMI display)
4                     Spectrum System Software and Functions                  4.1 UAV identification and positioning: Using radio spectrum detection, it can identify and locate more than 10 UAV models at the same time, automatically pop up the detection result window, identify UAV pictures, display UAV model, azimuth, and pitch Angle, use frequency, signal level and distance, the drone disappears and automatically clears and rearranges the detection results.
4.2 Single-station three-dimensional positioning: Using radio spectrum detection, under the conditions of single-site and single-site, through complex algorithms, the distance between the drone and the detector can be roughly measured, and the azimuth and pitch angles are detected ,and  this used to realize a single-site Three-dimensional positioning function.  
4.3 Map display function: Display the position of the drone and the operator on the 2D (3D) map, and display data such as latitude, longitude, altitude and distance.
4.4 The detection and defense angle can be set: According to the detected geographical situation, if the back is a mountain or a tall building, and only the drone in front needs to be protected, the protection angle range can be set arbitrarily, which can effectively eliminate false angles caused by signal reflection; vertical direction You can also set the pitch angle range and pitch angle resolution according to actual needs.
4.5 Distance calibration: For different electromagnetic environments, the detection distance will have errors. The system can provide distance calibration detection. Let the drone fly at a distance of 500 meters and fly 100 meters high. The system will automatically calibrate the detection distance to make the detection of the distance measurement is more accurate.
4.6 High alert: Use directional antennas to detect, find and locate drones.
4.7 Full-band detection: The frequency band detected by the system equipment is from 70MHz-6GHz, and the antenna coverage band is 380MHz-6GHz. It maintains good gain flatness in the entire frequency band. The antenna gain ranges from 5dBi-8dBi, which can be adapted from more than 300 megabytes. UAV detection in all common frequency bands from Hertz to 6GHz, frequencies below 380MHz can also be detected, and the detection distance is reduced.
4.8 Intelligent Linkage Interference: According to the frequency band, azimuth angle and pitch angle of the detected UAV, you can choose which UAV to counter, the system will automatically select the frequency band for interference, and automatically at the measured azimuth and pitch ,signal emission interference can be increased by 4 to 6 times, and it can avoid send all other frequency bands and all other angles, and thus will not harm normal WIFI and other communications, and  not injure white-listed drones accidentally.
4.9 Drive away and forced landing: The system provides dual interference modes for drive away (return the drone with one key) and forced landing, which can be select-ed according to the on-site environment, and prompts "GPS interference to be used with caution to avoid affecting aircraft navigation".
4.10 Electromagnetic situation perception[Patented invention technology]: According to this function, it is judged whether the electromagnetic environment of the detection site is complicated, and the reference level and signal gain suitable for the environment are automatically given. It does not require professional judgment and operation. Whether the select-ed location is suitable or not, provide reference suggestions to the detection personnel so as to select the place with the best electromagnetic environment, which is more conducive to the detection of longer distances.
4.11 Voice prompt function: the system will automatically voice alarm information and key operations.
4.12 Equipment self-positioning function: The system has GPS and Beidou dual positioning capabilities, as well as its own prescribed position. It does not need to manually adjust the azimuth angle, and the position can be placed at will.
4.13 Detection, interference and antenna integration [invention patent technology]: System equipment is different from conventional detection and prevention equipment, but integrates detection, interference and full-band antennas, compact and easy to use, stable and reliable, easy to use, suitable for fast deploy.
4.14 Autonomous identification of model features in the air [Patented invention technology]: For unmanned aerial vehicle models that the system does not have, the system has the functions of autonomous learning and identification and judgment, and it is displayed as an unknown model. If you know the model, it can be automatically stored in the system, and the model will be identified next time. The illegally assembled drone can also be detected and located.
4.15 Identification and positioning of industrial-grade UAVs: Special intelligent spectrum algorithm design, surpassing general detection equipment, can identify and locate industrial-grade UAVs, even assembled UAVs, and is more suitable for the prevention and control of terrorist attacks.
4.16 No detection and interference blind spots: detection and interference can also be performed above the equipment.                                                    

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